It is natural for anyone going on a first date to make a good impression. If you think that first dates are all about extravagant dinners and expensive night outs, think again.

While it perfectly makes sense to come up with something nice and romantic, it does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune for a single date.

A wonderful date does not come with a price tag. What is more important is the pleasure and genuineness of your company and a memorable time together.

After all, when there’s chemistry between you and your date, it doesn’t take much to create an effortless and comfortable vibe.

Here are some “first date” ideas that don’t cost much yet can create a pleasant impact for an unforgettable time together;

Go Casual

Forget about elegant cocktail dinners and go for something casual and laid-back like a popular restaurant or quiet cafe.

This can relieve you from the pressure of acting too formal and refined. A casual dinner will allow you to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and it encourages good conversation as well.

Get over the awkwardness of first dates by going casual. A comfortable and laid-back vibe will allow you to act more naturally.

A Scenic Drive or Walk in the Park

Sometimes, it’s more satisfying to not really do anything with your date than just enjoy a scenic drive, go to the beach or walk somewhere nice and quiet like a park.

Grab something to eat along the way and have a random picnic somewhere.

It offers the perfect opportunity to just enjoy each other’s company and view. A pleasant stroll in a beautiful place counts as something memorable.

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie with your date never goes out of style. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a movie together to get rid of the initial awkwardness?

After the movie, have some dinner, snacks or refreshments somewhere so you can talk. The movie can somehow break the ice and serve as a topic for your conversation.

It can also get the ball rolling for you and your date to determine how far your connection could go.

Gallery Art Shows, Music Halls or Concerts

Once you get on your first date, you somehow already have an idea about each other’s interests, passion or inclination. Use this information to come up with a clever date idea.

You may also check out what exciting activities are currently available and ongoing that your date would surely appreciate.

If your date loves all forms of art and/or history, visiting art galleries and museums is a good idea. If you’re musical enthusiasts, going to concerts and music halls to watch performances would be fun.

The idea is to focus on each other’s interests and find a way to align those in your first date.

Your first date can lead to something more if you focus on your common interests and similarities.

Go to a Karaoke Bar

It doesn’t matter if you have an excellent singing voice or not. The idea is to let loose, have fun and laugh your heart out.

Singing the latest hits and your favorite songs in a karaoke bar is not just a good way to release your carefree and fun personality; but can also boost your confidence.

It can help release any tension that you might have on your first date.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

If you and your date are both athletic or you both love the outdoors, consider your first date as your first adventure together.

You can try mini golf or go bowling. You may also compete against each other on a game of tennis or badminton, or just run a 10 to 15-k marathon together.

Other activities you can try if you both love to stay active outdoors are; hiking, trekking, rappelling, wall climbing and rowing.

Immersing on nature while doing the things you love could be a perfect recipe for a memorable first date.

Warning: If your date sounds demanding and pushy or asks quite a lot of personal information, consider this a red flag. Be mindful of such attitude because catfishing is very common in online dating.

So if you feel uncomfortable, it only goes to show that the person you’re dating is not the right one for you no matter how attractive and smart he/she seems to be.