It’s quite tricky to come up with a perfect online dating profile. However, you can always come up with one that perfectly suits you and clearly reflects your preferences.

Apparently, creating an impressive dating profile is all about achieving the perfect balance between genuine personality and honest marketing.

Here’s some advice that can help you create a profile that displays and reflects you in your best light while, at the same time, encouraging others to make a move to discover more.

Identify Your Target Market

Who are you trying to impress? What is your purpose for taking part in dating apps?

Keep in mind that dating profiles are not resumes, CV’s or loan applications.

As much as you want to impress others and be desirable and convincing, you also want to target the right audience. And we know for a fact that dating is unlike any other job position or application for that matter.

Therefore, you don’t want to talk about the recent charity drive you participated in or the last school award you got.

The best way to go is to pay strong attention to the basic details that pertains to your personality such who you are as a person and as a friend.

Keep things light even as you share a sense of who you are.

A perfect online dating profile is one that clearly reflects your personality and strengths.

Always be realistic, sincere and original. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not because your goal is not to flaunt your strengths and achievements but rather to appear interesting and worth knowing.

For example; it helps to indicate some of the things that you love such as the outdoors, sports, travel or pets. Or that you enjoy water activities; or that you find different cuisines and cultures fascinating.

Reflect on Your Personality and Character

When creating your online dating profile, take this as an opportunity to think about your best qualities and strong points. Remind yourself about your best assets and why you’re worth knowing.

Building a good dating profile will allow you to think about what you want in life, how you’re actually living up your life and how you expect your life to be with someone else.

Imagine going through your profile as a stranger.

Would you feel a sense of excitement over meeting this person? What are the qualities that you find most appealing in yourself?

Which aspects of your personality make you proud? Are there some elements that you prefer not to share with others?

These questions can give you a better idea on what people like you want in a date or in a person and what information can actually be helpful in that sense.

When creating your online dating profile, be realistic and confident. Don’t be pretentious and use a photo that highlights your genuineness as a person.

Be Confident

The last thing you want to exude on your dating profile is an air of neediness, clinginess and desperation. You should not appear as someone who desperately needs a partner in this world to survive and be happy.

Keep in mind that although your profile is meant to be a reflection of who you are, your goal is to convey a positive message, a sense of independence and confidence about yourself.

Therefore, it’s not advisable to mention your fears, insecurities and other concerns about dating and romance.

Think about the things that make you feel good. These could be as trivial as travelling on your own, spending some “me” time, sharing your dreams with the people you love and wanting to share your interests with someone special.

A Realistic Photo

Forget Snapchat, filters and Photoshop. Instead, use a clear and quality photo that showcases your best assets and reveals who you really are.

Choose a photo that resembles you perfectly and highlights your prettiest smile or most pleasant facial expression.

Uploading a photo that is both realistic and genuine adds more appeal to your online dating profile knowing that you’re not concealing any flaws and imperfections.

It accounts to the authenticity of your character and honesty of your intentions.